Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Koleksi Setem - Kegemilangan Emas di Paralimpik Rio 2016

Bagi meraikan pencapaian wirawan sukan Malaysia sempena temasya sukan Paralimpik Rio 2016 di Brazil, Pos Malaysia mengeluarkan koleksi setem “Kegemilangan Emas di Paralimpik Rio 2016” pada 20 Disember 2016.
Dapatkan koleksi anda!

Sampul surat & setem edisi khas Paralimpik Rio 2016
3 Legends

"Kegemilangan Emas di Paralimpik Rio 2016"

Jom dapatkan sampul surat & setem edisi khas Kegemilangan Emas di Paralimpik 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Petaling Jaya Rangers Logo Contest

1. User submits entry via our FB page message (FB - Airasia Football Club).
2. Logo must include “PETALING JAYA RANGERS”.
3. Upon close of submission, 10 finalists will be published in a album on FB page.
4. Top three will be selected based on FB likes.
5. Winner will be selected among these three by a panel of judges.
6. Contest period from 8th Dec to 18th Dec 2016.

The Terms & Conditions are as below:
1. Petaling Jaya Rangers Logo Contest period is from 8th Dec 2016 – 18th Dec 2016.
2. There will be total of 1 Winner for the contest. Winner are selected based on most “likes” and most creative image.
3. Each Facebook account is eligible for 3 submission only. And must LIKE our Facebook page.
4. Upon posting on Airasia Football Club Facebook Page, you will be contacted and required to send us your personal particulars.
5. Petaling Jaya Rangers reserve the right to amend and adapt the winning design to suit the club's requirements.
6. Prize will only be given to individual winner.
7. All decisions made are final and appeal will not be entertained.
8. Petaling Jaya Rangers is allowed to amend, change or cancel the campaign without prior notice.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chapecoense : Copa Sudamericana 2016 Champion


Chapecoense have been crowned winners of the Copa Sudamericana after the Brazilian club’s plane crashed while travelling to the final.

South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) has declared them Copa Sudamericana champions 2016.

The gesture comes after Nacional asked Conmebol to award the title to Chapecoense in tribute to the victims of the crash.
The governing body also announced it has awarded Nacional the Centennial Conmebol Fair Play award of $1m (£785,000).
Just three of the team – defender Alan Luciano Ruschel, reserve goalkeeper Jackson Ragnar Follmann and centre-back Helio Hermito Zampier Neto – were named among only six survivors of the crash.
Trophy Copa Sudamericana